Alternative Treatment Options For Epilepsy


What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a central nervous system neurological disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal. Epilepsy is usually lifelong chronic disorder. The symptoms include sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, fainting or convulsions which are associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Traditionally epilepsy is treated with anti-seizure medications, sometimes even surgeries. However, there are also alternative treatments that people use to prevent or control their seizures.

Alternative Options?

Please remember to verify any supplement use with your doctor before using them. This is important since, most supplements, minerals, and vitamins can affect or interact with the absorption of epilepsy anticonvulsant medications.

– Calcium

Did you know that if the person has a low level of calcium this can be a reason causing seizures? Calcium is an important mineral that works together with magnesium. A deficiency of magnesium, a mineral that interacts with calcium, can cause low blood calcium and thus cause the seizures.

– Vitamin E

Studies have shown, that when the type of epilepsy is difficult to control the epilepsy is to increase the amount of vitamin E. Increasing the levels of vitamin E have actually shown to reduce the number of seizures.


Not only is magnesium important since it interacts with calcium, but having the lower levels of magnesium will cause lower immune system. This can create poor and frayed nerves causing the new protein production impairment.

Research has found, that patients suffering from epilepsy have clearly lower serum magnesium levels when compared to the population that have no epilepsy. Having right levels of magnesium has been shown to improve seizure control.

– Selenium

Research has also shown, that people with epilepsy seem to have decreased levels of selenium. Thus supplementation with selenium and vitamin E results in fewer seizures since balance is corrected. Since selenium and vitamin E function better together , same as magnesium and calcium, both must be taken simultaneously in able to efficiently correct any deficiency.

Alternative Treatment for Epilepsy Diet?

Let’s start by all repeating; ”No for Aspartame”. Aspartame is a well known artificial sweetener. This popular sugar free sweetener is found in enormous amounts especially in sugar-free products as well as in most candy, juice, soda products. Consumers, especially those suffering from epilepsy, should be aware that Aspartame can trigger seizures in some children. Aspartame can cause seizures due to the fact that it tincresses activity in the neurons and can damage NMDA receptors by blocking their sites.

If the child who suffered from epilepsy is not responding to anticonvulsant medications- the ketogenic diet is usually recommended. This is a special high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that helps to control seizures. The ketogenic diet is always prescribed by a physician and must be carefully monitored by a registered dietitian.

Anything Else That Could Work?

Again epilepsy is a chronic disorder and needs to be monitored by your physician. However, there is some suggestion that certain type of epilepsy disorders could be controlled by self-control methods. Self-control methods are used to lower the intensity of the seizure once it evidently arrives.

When the epilepsy patient learns to listen to their body under relaxed and under stressful situations, it can teach them how to respond to their biofeedback. What is biofeedback? It is a system of using relaxation is able to change body functions such as your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. The person is set with electrodes and a monitor in front of the researcher, who then points out how to look for seizure signs. The monitor will then aid patient’s breathing and other relaxation techniques.

Some people also turn their request for help from acupuncture or spinal manipulations in chiropractic care. Though studies have been inconclusive, there is a hypothesis is that acupuncture keeps epilepsy in check. Apparently, acupuncture increases parasympathetic tone which aids to keep seizures in check. Similarly, the chiropractors use specific manipulations to help control seizures on a regular basis.

Lastly, there’s also an experimental medicine containing CBD which is cannabidiol meant to treat children with severe epilepsy disorders. The alternative treatment study at the moment focuses on the treatment of epilepsy associated with the Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Both of these disorders are extremely rare conditions associated with treatment-resistant epilepsy and severe developmental delay.

Since there are a variety of epilepsy types similarly there are many options of treatment plans. Find a solution that best suits your health conditions. It has been found out that cbd vape oil is a can actually help cure epilepsy.


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